Cloud VPS Hosting with cPanel & WebHost Manager (WHM)

  • High performance at unbeatable prices
  • Simplicity, scalability and customisation
  • Unlimited traffic and up to 2 Gbit/s bandwidth*
  • High Availability Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Lightning Fast NVMe SSD Storage

Managed cPanel KVM NVMe Cloud VPS Hosting

Our Cloud VPS Hosting packages are for users who need a high-availability server with increased performance in a dedicated environment, with the simplicity and independence that you need to manage everything as easy as possible. Also includes unlimited traffic*, with a maximum bandwidth of 2Gbit/s.

Yearly (2 Months Free)


Fast VPS Hosting

£ 50.00
  • 2x vCore
  • 4 GB Dedicated Memory
  • 80 GB NVMe Space
  • 500 Mbps - unlimited traffic*
  • 2x Dedicated IP addresses
  • cPanel License Included
  • 9+ worldwide locations
  • Free Domain Registration


Faster VPS Hosting

£ 100.00
  • 4x vCore
  • 8 GB Dedicated Memory
  • 160 GB NVMe Space
  • 1 Gbps - unlimited traffic*
  • 2x Dedicated IP addresses
  • cPanel License Included
  • 9+ worldwide locations
  • Free Domain Registration


Faster VPS Hosting

£ 200.00
  • 8x vCore
  • 16 GB Dedicated Memory
  • 320 GB NVMe Space
  • 2 Gbps - unlimited traffic*
  • 2x Dedicated IP addresses
  • cPanel License Included
  • 9+ worldwide locations
  • Free Domain Registration


Fastest VPS Hosting

£ 291.66
  • 8x vCore
  • 32 GB Dedicated Memory
  • 640 GB NVMe Space
  • 2 Gbps - unlimited traffic*
  • 2x Dedicated IP addresses
  • cPanel License Included
  • 9+ worldwide locations
  • Free Domain Registration
Yearly (2 Months Free)
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Explore Our Budget VPS Hosting Solution

1 vCore / 2 GB RAM / 40 GB NVMe SSD / 250 Mbps - unlimited traffic*

Includes cPanel control panel and full server management


Cheap VPS Hosting

£ 25.00
  • Free Domain Registration

Multiple Server Locations

Although HostXNow is based in the UK, you may host your Cloud VPS service in any of the following data centres:

  • United Kingdom, London (UK)
  • France, Gravelines (GRA)
  • France, Strasbourg (SBG)
  • Germany, Frankfurt (DE)
  • Poland, Warsaw (WAW)
  • USA, Vint Hill (VA)
  • Canada, Beauharnois (BHS)
  • Australia, Sydney (SYD)
  • Singapore, Singapore (SGP)

This allows us to better service our international as well as our local customers as we can provide a centre to store our customer’s data that is closer to home, thus providing faster data speeds to our customers.

You may select your preferred location during checkout.

Best cPanel Pricing 2021 – HostXNow

Are you affected by any of the latest cPanel price increases?

HostXNow offer excellent pricing for cPanel solutions.

All HostXNow Cloud VPS Hosting plans include…

We are entirely transparent about our setup and the choices we make when it comes to our hosting infrastructure…

99.9% Uptime Promise

We aim for 100% server uptime every month, but we will credit you should it drop below 99.9% as per our SLA.

24/7 Personal Support

Our experienced and friendly staff are always here for you, day or night. We have the fastest support ticket responses 24x7 live chat!

Reputable Business

A cloud-based Web Hosting provider that has been running for over 10 years. Based in Birmingham, UK.

Unlimited Migrations

We offer the fastest migration times around only taking a few minutes or hours at most, and at no extra charge to the customer.

Fast, Secure and Reliable

Fanatical about performance and stability, we do our best to ensure your sites run as fast as possible at all times.


cPanel & WHM offers you the tools that you need to efficiently manage your sites, servers, and your business. License included.

Backup Options

Easily store and secure your data on an external storage space, using our Acronis Backup Cloud service with just a few clicks.


We use next-generation Intel architectures, and NVMe SSD storage for maximum performance.

Live Kernel Updates

To help improve our servers uptime and keep them secure, we automatically patch the kernel using Kernelcare.


cPanel for website owners provides the world’s most familiar user interfaces for managing a website. With cPanel software, website owners can easily manage their email accounts, databases, applications, security, FTP, and control every aspect of their websites.

VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting


WebHost Manager (WHM) provides hosting providers with a graphical interface to manage every account on a server. With WHM software, managers can configure Services, Deployment Package, Control DNS and FTP configuration, accounts, security settings, and more.

Check the Addons that you may add to your service on our Software Licenses page.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting is an excellent choice for professionals and business owners in need of total control of their web hosting with the flexibility and freedom of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price.

VPS Hosting allows complete root SSH access command-line administration with the ability to host unlimited domains, install custom software/applications, or resell hosting. All VPS Hosting plans come with software packages including Apache, PHP, Perl and MariaDB/MySQL pre-installed. A Free cPanel/WHM license included for ease of use and management of your VPS.

Get the reliability, control and flexibility of a dedicated server with HostXNow Cloud VPS Hosting solutions!

What do I get with my VPS Server?

Our Cloud VPS Linux Hosting solutions powered by NVMe SSD run on the powerful KVM virtualization platform. KVM creates multiple isolated VPSs on a single physical server which allows sharing of hardware, license fees and management effort efficiently. Each VPS performs exactly like a stand-alone server and can be rebooted independently. KVM powered VPSs offer a magnitude of higher efficiency and manageability than traditional virtualization technologies.

If you are looking for more control and superior performance than shared hosting or a low-cost upgrade path to a Dedicated Server, HostXNow’s Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting is the answer for you. Order now to experience unrivalled performance, complete security and total control!

Cloud VPS Hosting

Do you need root access but not ready for a dedicated server? Our Cloud VPS Hosting plans are very secure and include Full Root SSH access!

For VPS hosted in Sydney and Singapore : 2TB/month for the VPS range “Starter”,  3TB/month for the VPS range “Pro”, 4TB/month for the VPS range “Elite”. Bandwidth is reduced to 10Mbps once the monthly quota is exceeded.