Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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Service Level Agreement

Network Uptime

Network Uptime is the total time in a calendar month that the HostXNow Network is available through the internet, provided that the client has established connectivity via TCP/UDP. HostXNow takes responsibility for network availability within their network, but cannot be held liable for upstream problems outside of our network.

Our guarantee is is that our network will be available to clients free of outages, that render 100% packet loss, 99.9% of each calendar month.

Network Outages / Unscheduled Downtime

Network outages or unscheduled downtime is any unplanned or unscheduled interruption in service availability, during which the client is unable to access services as described in the "Network uptime" section above. A network outage is defined as a problem on the HostXNow network as confirmed by HostXNow, measured by the length of time in which 100% packet loss to our network is experienced in any calendar month.

Scheduled Downtime

Scheduled downtime is any scheduled interruption of service, for the purpose of hardware upgrades, software upgrades, maintenance or replacement of equipment. This occurs during notified downtime periods with as much advance notice as possible via email to the client's registered email address on the HostXNow billing system, with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Hardware Replacement

HostXNow will use their reasonable endeavours to ensure any faulty, failed or unsuitable hardware is replaced in a timely manner. Unless explicitly stated on the client's contract, product description or invoice, HostXNow does not offer a guarantee or SLA against hardware or hardware replacement on any HostXNow services.

SLA Credit

Clients are eligible for a SLA credit when our network uptime guarantee as detailed in the sections above has not been met, subject to the below SLA Credit Exclusions. HostXNow will refund the client 5% of the monthly fee for each hour of downtime, should the period of downtime exceed 98% in one calendar month, a 100% refund for that calendar month will be issued. To request an SLA credit, the client must email our sales department within 10 days of the reported downtime at . SLA credit requests will be processed within 1-3 working days.

SLA Credit Exclusions

The following are excluded from the monthly calculation of network availability:

Problems outside of the HostXNow Network including upstream providers, and client's internet connection
Inbound malicious traffic referred to a DoS or DDoS ( Denial Of Service) against the HostXNow network.
Service suspension due to billing related issues, misuse, exploits or failure to respond to abuse reports in a timely manner.
Server hardware failure, defined as Processor(s), RAM, Hard Disk(s), RAID Controller(s), Motherboard, NIC Card and other related hardware.
Breach of HostXNow's Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy
Over usage of client's bandwidth quota

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