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HostXNow Review And What Our Fantastic Customers Say About Us

I have been with HostXNow for over six years and whilst there has been the occasional issue they have been sorted out very promptly with no fuss from the technical support team.

Peter Wilkes

Chris, who owns the company is fantastic. My word i must have made this guy bald with the support i have requested. I switched from a fairly large hosting provider where i consistently had problems and switched to hostxnow and have nothing but positive things to say about this company, it has in turn helped my company ten fold. Thank you so much

Chris Leppard

Chris and team have done an excellent job helping me to move from a previous (mainstream) hosting provider. Service is excellent and website is performing much better. Already signed up a friend to join HostXNow!

Pete Smith

I can’t praise Chris and the team at HostXNow enough. Many hosts have the attitude of if they didn’t break it then it’s not their problem. However, these guys certainly don’t see it that way.

Several times they have gone above and far beyond what I’m entitled to expect my host to care of. Yet, it’s no problem for them. They are always so helpful, and if you’re fair with them, they’ll be more than fair with you.

Plus, my server is super quick and very cost-effective. Quite honestly, moving to HostXNow is probably one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Thanks for everything so far, guys!

Paul Bryant

THE best customer service for website hosting and always willing to help. Good pricing and simple to use. Thanks to Christopher Smith on the chatline for his help!

Tropicoco Salon

Hostxnow headed by Chris offer the best service and competitive pricing around. Exceptional value for money and ready to help whatever the issue. If you’ve ever used hosting from one of the large companies you won’t believe the improvement in service levels.

Tim Green

HostXNow is a little gem of a hosting company. Their servers are fast and their support team are always fast, friendly and knowledgeable. Whenever there’s a really difficult networking on Linux query Chris himself is happy to jump in and solve even the most complex issues. Keep up the good work!

Paul Feakins

I connected with Chris several years back when we first started offering hosting solutions to our clients, and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, as naturally there are bound to be problems/issues that arise, but Chris dealt with them efficiently, and over extended not only his services but his assistance and advice on more than one occasion. To anyone considering using his business, HostXNow, you can rest assured that you are in very capable and accommodating hands. Highly recommended.

Brad Steenkamp

I’ve been with over 20 hosting companies….. hostxnow is another ballgame… way above all the others. Fanatical support. Chris goes way beyond the call of duty…Way Way beyond.

Nelo Reis

HostXNow respond quickly to all enquiries and are happy to help where possible. Their plans are flexible and offer the best specs, speed and value for money. Since joining them, none of our sites have had a moment of downtime and the load speed is very fast.

Alex Read

I have been with HostXNow for well over a year initially on a shared server and now on a virtual dedicated server and have found them to be very good from start to finish. I use the UK based server which always seems to have good response times, so I would fully recommend them.

Jez Huntington

The Team at HostXNow are by far the best I have ever worked with their professional attitude towards customers 24/7 help and problem solving is 2nd to none. They have always been more than helpful with any issue I have had and gone the extra mile to make me fit into the new I.T world we live in.

Jamie Macdonald

An excellent company! Best of all is the support – always a fast and helpful reply. I am very glad that I made the move to HostXNow.

David Clelland

The sign-up process was clear, quick with good value for money.

James Rands-Allen

I was looking for a web hosting site that could be tailor-made to my needs and also supply the support necessary to a total novice; and did I strike gold! is a real gem. I have had the most extraordinary support from Chris. Patience, knowledge and great advice makes this the best choice I have made in a long time. I guarantee you won’t regret using them.

Julie Gray

Absolutely excellent hosting. All relevant info provided to easily transfer my multi-page website without need for further correspondence. Speedy connections with no downtime to- date, at an unbeatable price.

Garry Jones

I’ve always been happy with the level of service offered by HostXNow. Whenever I need to talk to someone, I know Chris will be close at hand! Speed and uptime are extremely good and I’m very happy with the “can do” attitude. I’ve left plenty of hosting companies in the past because of their lack of knowledge/service – HostXNow is definitely different! Also, the server utilisation is low resulting in low latency hence very good perceived speed performance. The support is professional and effective, and the billing system is efficient. Overall the best hosting provider I have encountered so far (10 years or so).

Jason Richards

I’ve been in the web design business for over 20 years. I had signed up with one of the largest companies in the business, and I stayed there for the better part of those 20 years. Recently, I noticed that my server performance was slower than some of the other big name brands (for example, if I logged in to a client’s pre-existing account on different server and ran some WordPress updates, there was a significantly noticeable difference)…and then reliability became a huge issue. Databases and servers going down for a few days at a time, it just wasn’t acceptable anymore. So I bit the bullet and (unknowingly) tried a conglomerate owned company, that got tons of great reviews, across tons of fake review sites. It was a nightmare. Speed and reliability were even worse. I was lucky to find, a serious forum dedicated to the subject of web hosting, and that inevitably led me here. The difference in speed, reliability, and support…it’s unbelievable. I’m still in shock at how well, and how fast, everything is running. I’ve tried a few different levels of accounts on here, and I was impressed with all of them. I started on shared hosting, and every site on my server performed significantly better, and loaded much faster. Server response time, and FTP transfer speeds were fantastic. When I found out that the Reseller account plan’s resource limits are per cPanel account, I switched. Now I have 30MB IO on each of my websites – and my previous hosting providers maxed out at 1 or 2MB IO for all my sites combined. I had no idea hosting didn’t have to be a headache. When you compare the resource limits that HostXNow gives all their customers to the major companies (who generally give that 1 or 2MB IO I mentioned), there’s no comparison. I only wish I found them sooner.

Joshua Peromsik

Tried a few other web hosts in the past but always had problems with an unreliable or slow website, and generally poor customer service. I switched to HostXNow in 2012 and have nothing but praise for them. The website uptime has been superb, pages load quickly and cpanel is regularly updated. However, best of all is the customer service. I’ve needed to contact them a few times for password resets and general advice on problems with my site and their response times are lightning fast, even for low priority issues and it’s that aspect of the service I find most pleasing.

Chris Heslehurst

HostXNow a hosting company worth its name. Great services, great support, and great overall experience. I’ve been with a lot of web hosts before, and everyone had some quirks that I didn’t like (Bad support, high cost or horrible services). After looking for a while, I found HostXNow. Before I signed up, I started the live chat and asked a few questions. Not long after, I purchased the service(s) that I needed. So far it has been the best experience I’ve ever had with any web based company ever. Everything is like it should be, the support and quality. Christopher Smith has been very helpful and personal, which makes me want to share my experience with you. If you’re looking for a Webhost, look no further.


Have always been very helpful in resolving any issues which I have had. The team at HostXNow provide great service, at fantastic prices. I cannot recommend their services enough.

Ben Smith

Excellent provider! Will definitely recommend to others. The support is the best I have ever received and very professional service.

Andrew Mcgill

We came to HostXNow after having real problems with a huge and well-known host, and I had no idea that you could receive such wonderful service and support from a hosting company for such a competitive price! HostXNow have been amazing from helping us set up a new account to transferring everything over and setting up special features – I won’t be moving again!

Angela Wilkinson

HostXNow’s service and technical support has always been first rate when I’ve needed help, and their servers are reliable. I’m happy to recommend them to potential customers.

Robin Beer

We seem to have achieved a working website all of a sudden! I am delighted with what you have done!

Michael Taberner