cPanel Backup Hosting

Backup cPanel Accounts, Servers - Or Anything You Like!

Scalable Backup Hosting To Suit All Budgets

Blazing Fast Backup Storage

Stackable up to 20TB with Unmetered Gigabit Bandwidth & cPanel Access

Unmetered Data Transfer

Also known as data transfer. We do not count individual ingoing and outgoing traffic towards your invoice.

File Transfer Protocol Access

Also known as FTP. We offer a FTP account for you to transfer and manage your backups. SFTP is also enabled for you to securely transfer your files.

Rsync Version 3 Support

Rsync is very efficient compared to traditional remote backup methods. By synchronizing only files that have changed, rsync results in large bandwidth savings.

WebDAV Support

Easily connect to WebDAV using your favourite web browser, to access and modify your files.

100 GB Blocks

£10.00 per month
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Up to 20 TB Storage
  • Add Blocks of 100 GB
  • £0.10 per GB Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbps Bandwidth
  • 1 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 1 x vCPU
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Protocols: SSH, Rsync or FTP
  • Location: Falkenstein, Germany

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Why Choose cPanel Backup Hosting From HostXNow?

Our backup hosting packages are perfect for individuals or small businesses who want a safe and reliable way to back up their valuable data offsite in a secure location. Add Blocks of 100GB storage (stackable up to 20TB with up to 3,000 IOPS*). We are currently the first and only provider to offer this unique high performance backup hosting service. Backup with the best today!

Better Than A Backup VPS

A Backup VPS does not always mean you will get more resources than you could with our Cloud Backup Hosting powered by cPanel. With a VPS a lot of the resources goes to the OS/services on the server itself which do not leave many resources left for the backups to run as fast as they should be!

You can get more resources on our Cloud Backup Hosting accounts for a cheaper price, but more importantly, your backup system with us will have a lot more resources available, so when backing up your data or restoring it to our backup servers, it will complete a lot quicker which is very important for quicker disaster recovery times. Also, the majority of providers who offer Backup Storage will use cheaper storage, but not us!

HostXNow's Cloud Backup Hosting plans are hosted on extremely fast PURE Local SSD Storage to ensure your backups AND restores will have plenty of Disk IO available to achieve the fastest backup/restore times. Guaranteed!

Remote Backups Are Important

Statistically, 1 in 10 hard drives fail every year worldwide... and the cost of recovering them is enormous and with no guarantee! That is why it is very important to store backups of all of your data in a secure, remote location for safekeeping so that in the event of disaster your data is still retrievable. The data could be anything from financial records and documents to photos, videos, and music.

Now for only £10/month you will get complete remote server data protection up to 100 GB of your precious data, and bigger space available up to 20 TB via ssh, rsync or ftp protocols.

cPanel for website owners provides the world’s most familiar user interfaces for managing a website and data. With our cPanel-powered Backup hosting accounts, you can easily manage data using the built-in File and SSH manager, setup password-less automated commands using SSH authorization key(s), setup cronjobs that may run at anytime to automate backups, transfer using the bandwidth efficient rsync technology via SSH, and backup multiple servers. Nobody else can access your files. We support FTP, SCP, SFTP, Rsync, duplicity and GPG. All servers are connected to the internet with a premium BGP blended bandwidth, and with no data transfer limit plus free setup and installation for your servers with shell access, why choose anyone else.

All of our Backup accounts are delivered with CentOS 7 x86_64. CentOS is an Premium-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American Premium Linux vendor. CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendors redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible.

You will be given full SSH access to your Backup hosting account. Do keep in mind that we may not be able to provide support for software not provisioned with your Backup hosting account.

All of our backup hosting plans carry a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as a disk space guarantee. We also guarantee that our support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you encounter any problems.

Managed servers include support for the Backup hosting as delivered including but not limited to the Operating System, cPanel, the web server, and MySQL. We will always do our best to assist with any issue you may face with on any Backup account with Management. However, we can only promise to support the Backup account as delivered.

The amount of CPU power that will be made available to you on your Backup hosting account.

Interested? If you have any questions or would like to provide us with some feedback, please, Contact Us.

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