Server Backup Software for cPanel/WHM by Acronis

Acronis Backup Cloud for WHM and cPanel is a block-level backup plugin which is the fastest backup software on the net!

Fast Backup Software and Storage

Acronis Backup Cloud for WHM and cPanel is a block-level backup plugin which is the fastest backup software on the net. Do not settle for file-level backup software which is much slower at backing up and restoring data, not to mention the extra resources it uses. Backup with the world’s leading data backup software utilising block-level technology today! Backup with Acronis Backup Cloud at HostXNow!

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    Fast, Block Level Backups

    Perform incremental backups, reducing demand on the server and saving backup storage space

    Optional Encryption

    Secure your backups with encryption, to ensure you and your clients data is safe

    Backup Schedules

    Choose whether your VPS or Dedicated Server should be backed up Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly

    Hybrid Cloud Solution

    Customers can back up locally, or directly to Acronis UK datacentre.

    Full Image-Based Backups

    Administrators can protect entire servers and all the websites they contain

    Disaster Recovery

    Full block-level backups allow you to restore your entire machine quickly and easily

    WHMCS Integration

    Backup your data using integration with the Acronis WHMCS module.

    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    If it is not for you, just let us know and we will provide a full refund

    Fast, Scalable Server Backup Cloud Storage

    Store backups of your VPS and Dedicated Servers to our cloud backup storage

    Blazing Fast

    Our block-level backup and restore times are the fastest in the industry

    Ultra Secure

    With Acronis Backup Cloud by HostXNow, rest assured your data is in safe hands

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Choose the number of cPanel servers you need to backup!

    £ 3.00
    • 1 x Blocks of 1GB = £0.10
    • 1 x cPanel Server (Cloud/VPS or Metal/Dedicated) = £4.00
    A minimum monthly spend of £7.00/month required.
    • Back up an entire cPanel server
    • Recover an entire cPanel server
    • Hourly Backups
    • Daily Backups
    • Weekly backups
    • Monthly backups
    • Retention backups
    • Incremental backups
    • 100% cPanel compatible
    • Compressed backups
    • Uncompressed backups
    • Automated Clean Backups
    • Backup system Files
    • Backup all MySQL databases
    • Parallel Backups
    • Backup Size
    • Disaster Management
    • Alerts Features
    • Log Management
    • Local Disk Storage
    • Multiple Storage Pools
    • Individual Destination History
    • Entire Backups
    • Daily Disaster Backups
    • Weekly Disaster Backups
    • Monthly Disaster Backups
    • Custom Disaster Backups
    • Backup Alerts
    • Storage Destination Failure Alerts
    • Backup Upload Failure Alerts
    • Backup Restore Failure Alerts
    • Backup Alerts
    • Restore Alerts
    • Full backup Logs
    • Full restore Logs
    • Status Logs
    • Self-service recovery
    • Restore Progress Logs
    • Backup Progress Logs
    • Restore full cPanel accounts
    • Restore multiple cPanel accounts
    • Restore a domain
    • Restore MySQL backups
    • Restore Email accounts
    • Restore Home Directory
    • Restore File or Folder
    • Restore Lock Mechanism
    • Backgorund Restore
    • Feature rich cPanel GUI
    • cPanel interface
    • WHM interface
    • Feature manager support
    • Show disk Usage
    • Schedule Backups
    • Much more!
    Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

    Acronis Backup Cloud – maximum security

    Backup and restore your data in just a few clicks – it is as easy as that!