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VPS vs Dedicated Server? Choose The Right Server For You!

March 11, 2017

Please, first ask yourself, "do I need a Dedicated Server?" ... 9 out of 10 people think they do need a dedicated server thinking a dedicated server will perform much faster than, say, a VPS. Unfortunately, that is not always true, and is the kind of thinking that can cause a lot of new startup businesses (and even existing businesses) to waste much money unnecessarily, and fast! Usually, most dedicated servers cost around 3-7 times more than a VPS. In that case, why use a dedicated server when a VPS usually has far greater specs when it comes to Storage, CPU, RAM and Network Port Speed.

To save money, and get the most server resources at the same time - you should try services in the following order: Web Hosting (also known as SSD Hosting) --> Virtual Private Server (Managed VPS UK). If you have no luck with Web Hosting or VPS Hosting services, only then should you try Dedicated Server Hosting. For example, if you need far greater server resources than a VPS can offer (very rare is this the case for the majority of small to medium websites). However, before jumping into the dedicated server route, we highly recommend you to check our other hosting services first such as SSD Hosting, SSD Reseller Hosting and UK VPS. If you are unsure on which type of service you need for your project(s), please get in touch with us and give us an idea of what kind of website you are going to be running. We can advise you on which is the best service to use for your project, depending on your budget and other requirements.

Do you have an Unmanaged VPS or Unmanaged Dedicated Server from a different company? No problem! We manage them too. Check our cPanel Server Management page.

If you would still prefer a dedicated server, then we can offer you a Managed Dedicated Server with cPanel in UK, France, Germany and Canada locations to suit your needs. Our servers are available running CentOS 7 operating systems, and we always use high-quality premium components in our Dedicated Servers with Intel processors.

A Quick Guide On How To Run A Web Hosting Business

March 03, 2017

First of all, as you can tell going by the date when we lasted posted; it has been a while since we last updated the HostXNow Blog! Moreover, we are aware that an outdated Blog can look off-putting to our potential customers (we too can get put off if we go to a business website and see they have made no effort to update their blog for quite some time), but that by no means anything is wrong with HostXNow. We have just been so busy providing the very best service possible to all customer's of HostXNow that we have not had the time to update our Blog page for quite some time. The service we provide is primary and things like updating our Blog, are, of course, secondary. Hopefully, this guide will help make up for the lack of updates on our blog, especially for those wanting to increase their income?

Due to the high demand for everyone wanting to have an online presence for their hobby or business nowadays, now is an excellent time to start a web hosting business! The best part is you do not need a great deal of technical computer knowledge to run a hosting business these days at least not when using our SSD Reseller Hosting setup. Many of our competitors started out using our Reseller Hosting plans and now run everything themselves. You may question why we help create competition that could potentially decrease the chance of us gaining new sales ourselves, but we have no problem with this because there is enough room for everyone! Becoming a web hosting provider is not that difficult at all, and the startup costs might not be as high as you think them to be.

The main things you need to run a web hosting business is a reliable Reseller hosting account from a reputable hosting provider, a billing & support ticket system so you can bill your customers and offer support to them. Finally, you will need a way to take payments from your clients. Receiving payments are easy when using WHMCS integration which seamlessly works with popular payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe (Credit/Debit Cards).

It may also be important to you to use a provider who offers White Labelled hosting, and what this means, is your customers will not see any branding from the provider you use to resell hosting. For example, the nameservers you tell your customers to point their domains to would be something like ns1.anonymousnameservers.com / ns2.anonymousnameservers.com, and so, therefore, your own customers will have no reason to think you are the middlemen (not that this is a bad thing). I say it is not a bad thing because everyone resells somewhere down the line, e.g., a web hosting company who even owns their own hardware uses bandwidth from a data centre. In most cases, it is best to be transparent, but at the same time, you do not have to broadcast to all your customers that you are a Reseller, but again, it does not matter, because as long as you offer an excellent service, then that is what counts.

Usually smaller providers offer far better-personalised support than the bigger providers do, and this is one of the reasons why a customer would not mind choosing you over a larger provider whom no doubt deals more with quantity over quality. In other words, the provider does not usually have the time or staff to help people new to hosting who use a lot of admin time. Big providers like that would rather host customers who know what they are doing, that way the provider can spend less time hiring staff to try to cut their costs down, etc. In short, don't worry about being a Reseller and 9/10 it is usually only temporary. HostXNow started out on a Reseller account just over 8 years ago, and upgraded to VPS and Dedicated Server, and so on. For the last 6 years or so we have been leasing all our own servers directly from world-class data centres. If we can do it, anyone can do it. It just takes a lot of time, dedication, a little money, but more importantly, patience.

It is important to choose a reliable hosting provider, because if you turn it around and you were the customer using this same business setup, and they provided you with a poor service, well then you would not be happy too. So it is vital to only setup a web hosting business if you are serious about it. If you do decide to resell web hosting you need to choose a reliable and reputable provider because if you get it wrong, it will not be so easy to start back up again at a later date. If you had a good reputation and sold your business on favourable terms, then it would not be a problem to start up a new brand in the future. So please think about these things before you setup a web hosting business.

Here is some advice on how much disk space to offer and what to price it at to help make a profit.

Do not go too high or too low, try to have realistic specs and pricing, and see the bigger picture. By that we mean you could have a Reseller account with 5GB disk space and pay around £5/month and think you could only resell 5 x cPanel accounts with 1GB disk space each or 10 x cPanel accounts with 500MB each which you can make a fair bit of profit. Let's say if you resold 5 x cPanel accounts with 1GB disk space each for £4/month which is £20 in total sales, so if you paid £4 for your reseller account but resold 5 x cPanel accounts then that means you have made a profit of £16/month -- not bad! However, that is not all, because not every customer will use 100% of their disk space, and so that allows you to make even more profit! Also, going one step further, you should not just be limited by the real limit of your Reseller account. Because not only can you oversell disk space (resell unused disk space), but know that you can always upgrade plan or even service in the future which would allow you to make much more profit. Because the more you speculate, the more you can accumulate (most things are cheaper when buying in bulk, but just be careful). So rather than price your plans going by the small 5GB disk space, know that as you make a profit, you can increase the storage for your hosting packages when needed. So rather than resell 5 x cPanel accounts with 1GB disk space each or 10 x cPanel accounts with 500MB each, instead, you go with the idea that you have 100GB disk space (even though you do not have the plan yet) and that would allow you to offer more disk space and maximise profit.

Just know that when first starting out you are bound to be a loss for a while or you may make a little profit if you are lucky when reselling using the first examples I gave.

Personally, I would just think 100GB disk space is around £35/month and pay that every month and offer much better specs and disk space, e.g., pay £35/month for 100GB but resell any of the following:

100 x cPanel accounts with 1GB disk space each at £2/month = £200/month and so £200/month - £35/month for the Reseller account = £165/month profit
50 x cPanel accounts with 2GB disk space each at £5/month = £250/month and so £250/month - £35/month for the Reseller account = £215/month profit

And even when you do that, again, not every customer will use 100% of their quota, and so you can resell that disk space and make a profit on that too making that £165/month or £215/month go even higher! Because not every customer will use 100% of their quota, this is why I think anyone paying more for so-called "unlimited disk space" is ridiculous.
There are a lot of other things that have to be taken into account, but that is the general idea regarding how much disk space to offer and how to price your plans. You may need to pay for the support team, pay for additional software, staff, submit information to the government, etc. However, if you are in it for the long-haul, then you can make it work.
Here we will list the different software and services we use to offer the following hosting services:

SSD Hosting
SSD Reseller Hosting
SSD VPS Hosting
Backup Hosting

With the exception of SolusVM which allows our customers to mange their VPS, we make use of all the following to help us run HostXNow:

WHMCS - A leading web hosting automation platform. Handling signups, provisioning, billing and support.
cPanel - The web hosting industry's most reliable, intuitive control panel since 1997.
CloudLinux - Making Linux secure, stable, and profitable for thousands of hosting providers and data centers worldwide.
Kernelcare - Keep kernels secure & end reboots forever with a single command!
eNom - A trusted registrar since 1997 with great prices, exceptional customer service, and 24/7 support.
Softaculous - Lets you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them.
cPremote - A remote rsync backup plugin for the famous hosting control panel cPanel.
SolusVM - A powerful GUI based VPS management system.
HetrixTools Uptime Monitor - Monitors all your websites and services for downtime.
HetrixTools Blacklist Monitor - Check and monitor your IPs or Domains and notice if any of them get blacklisted.
LiveChatInc - Premium live chat software and help desk software for business.

The Number One Question You Must Ask A cPanel Hosting Provider

August 18, 2016

Among the best approaches to discover affordable hosting with cPanel access, the most ideal is always to seek out shared hosting, also know as Web Hosting (or marketed as cPanel Hosting or SSD Hosting). If you are hunting for an internet host, make an effort to figure out if they can give you cPanel Hosting services. A few of the most efficient hosts use cPanel, and you could very well have extremely affordable cPanel Web Hosting for yourself! There's practically no superior approach to managing and upgrading an internet site compared to cPanel Hosting.

With cPanel Hosting, an individual need not possess an intensive understanding of Linux to control the virtual server. Hosting companies that offer a cPanel service are extremely common. This is undoubtedly a vital area of cPanel Web Hosting. So be certain to decide on a reliable hosting provider.

Before buying your hosting service, you need to ensure that the service provider offers these significant cPanel features. Some of the top hosts in the market use cPanel, and you could possess cPanel Hosting at quite a reasonable price yourself! cPanel Web Hosting is among the easiest methods to host a website. Cheap cPanel Web Hosting is the simplest and most dependable approach to start on the net.

The only means I would advise utilising a free hosting provider is assuming that you only aim to blog for fun. A slew of people earns money from running forums and blogs. Consequently, whenever you are looking to purchase web hosting services which can be trusted within this context, it is assuring to understand that cPanel Hosting has become a favourite choice among many. For hosting a small business website you always require top notch solutions, it means you need the ideal web host company who can understand all of your requirements easily.

WordPress is the simplest to learn and most used website software on the planet for blogging, e-commerce, and even more. If you are a Web Designer, Web Developer or Website Manager who manages multiple websites for your own clients, then for this, using a SSD Reseller Hosting account will best meet your requirements due to Reseller hosting allowing you to create a cPanel Hosting account for each customer thus every website will be isolated from one another. That way, if one of your customer's websites are compromised due to being hacked; it will not cause any issues for your other client's sites. This makes managing everything much easier. You can also use Reseller hosting to Resell hosting! In a nutshell, it is not an easy business to start, but it can be a profitable and rewarding one when the necessary steps are taken. cPanel is among the most critical tools of reseller hosting. Reseller hosting works very well for Web Designers, Web Developers and Website Managers who already have their own customers.

The Importance of a cPanel Hosting Company

If you are a subscriber of a cPanel Hosting service, you are going to share ample alternatives to observe your website statistics. It is a highly popular client interface used by the majority of web hosting companies nowadays. Technical support is another fundamental part of web hosting selection. The control panel is a very convenient tool for the internet hosting clients as it has a whole lot of features.

cPanel not only provides users with increasingly efficient methods of managing their websites today, but it also guarantees security. Hosting reviews offer all sorts of valuable information about web hosting uptime statistics, pricing, and web hosting reviews.

You will find that nearly all good hosting companies prefer using cPanel as their interface of choice to offer cPanel Hosting due to a number of reasons, with very affordable pricing for everyone being the main one. On the opposite hand, there's another, although more expensive way, which is to lease a Managed Dedicated Server which offers a higher quantity of bandwidth from another hosting firm, after which host your clients’ sites on this server. The less expensive alternative to using a managed dedicated server would be to use Managed VPS Hosting instead. There are many decisions which go into choosing the right hosting service for your own websites. Before embarking on hosting a blog or forum, there are several factors you have to take note.

Among the most significant functions in cPanel could be the built-in video tutorials section. With cPanel, you can immediately improve your web presence notwithstanding your experience for a server administrator. Moreover, cPanel lets you update your site by yourself, without needing the assistance of an expert in any respect. The cPanel will permit the site administrator to gain complete control of their site simply and logically.

cPanel, also called as control panel, is among the most vital and advantageous tools for webmasters. Good hosting plans provide free vBulletin installation and setup when buying an authentic license, or you may use popular software like WordPres for free. If your present web host supplies an entirely free model of cPanel, it is worthwhile to give it a try before exploring alternatives.

You too can click and drag specific components of your own function icons inside your cPanel Hosting account. The GUI interface is quite easy to utilise and simplifies tasks. Everything is in a single place and is simple to access, all on a result of the presence of the excellent cPanel interface. The qualities in cPanel are intended to assist you to get your website ready to go as simply and swiftly as possible.

What You Need to Know About cPanel Hosting Companies

In summary, cPanel Hosting makes it simple to manage your own accounts using a user-friendly interface. You need to have cPanel installed to be able to access it. The record of advantages cPanel offers is huge. Backup is just a quite straightforward process with cPanel's Backup Wizard. Consequently, the primary difference between both is that cPanel is most appropriate for a single site. You can also backup the whole site in an instant by clicking just one button. In case your host does not supply you with cPanel, you may need to purchase a cPanel licence yourself as well as install the software on your own, or with the help from a company who offer cPanel Server Management.

Interested? If you have any questions or would like to provide us with some feedback, please, Contact Us.

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