Resell UK Cloud VPS

Resell UK Dedicated Servers and UK SSD VPS

Resell Servers With Our Simple Discount Structure

Anyone interested in purchasing multiple HostXNow Virtul Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers is bound by the terms listed below.

Starting with your 2nd VPS or Dedicated Server purchased you will receive a 5% discount each month on all future VPS and Dedicated Server purchases and previous VPS and Dedicated Servers purchased going forward. The discount structure is as follows:

Discount structure

1 Server = No discount  
2 - 5 Servers = 5% Discount
6 - 10 Servers = 10% Discount
11 - 20 Servers = 15% Discount
21+ Servers = 20% discount

Once you have purchased your second VPS or Dedicated Server you will be assigned a coupon unique to your company/account which will be used for future VPS and Dedicated purchases. We will email you this coupon code and please make sure this is used during the order process for each order.

Once you reach your 6th VPS your coupon code will be changed from 5% to 10% on all future VPS and Dedicated purchases and previous VPS and Dedicated purchased going forward. The same applies to 15% and 20%.

HostXNow will allow you to copy our TOS/AUP for use on your website.

• We will not provide support to your own customers, but you are more than welcome to contact us on their behalf or relay our support questions back to them. 
• All our VPS and Dedicated Servers are white label so there is no reference back to HostXNow which will allow you to serve your customers without our name attached.

Need more assistance?

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