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HostXNow uses the most advanced technology to provide fast and secure hosting.

Enterprise Infrastructure

As it is crucial to have fast hosting for your personal, business or organisation website, we only use the best technology. We provide a secure, reliable and highly optimised web hosting environment to deliver your content and web pages at lightning-fast speeds.

Our hosting services have the following benefits:

Benefits include:

Better stability, performance, and efficiency.
Optimised for redundancy and availability.
Increased capacity and agility.
Highest levels of security.
Best industry practices.
Advanced DDoS protection.

This is possible due to HostXNow being built on top of world-leading Cloud infrastructure provider OVHCloud (who have invested billions in their networks and technology), enabling us to leverage their systems to our advantage fully.


AMD 9 Ryzen 5900X, 128 GB ECC Memory @ 2666GHz, NVMe SSD

Network Uplink

3 Gbit/s

Secure & Reliable Offsite Backups

HostXNow uses the #1 Backup and Disaster Recovery backup software service called Acronis Backup Cloud to back up all servers offsite in a different data centre. All servers are backed up Daily & Weekly; Monthly backups are retained for up to 3 months.

Multi-geographical datacenters 

We believe providing services in the country where you do business provides you with the most trust, security and performance. This is why we have set up data centres around the world and are expanding the geographic coverage of our solutions regularly. You can find our data centres in these countries: UK and USA.


United Kingdom


Test IP: | 100MB Test File


United States


Test IP: | 100MB Test File

TTFB and Website Speed Tests

You may verify how fast our speeds are using the following URLs:

Hosted in the United Kingdom (WordPress)

Hosted in the United States (WordPress)

Those are hosted on our cheapest Shared Web Hosting – Lite Plan at just £2.95/month and have the fastest TTFB and website page speed loading scores.

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