How to change PuTTY's appearance

How to change PuTTY’s appearance
If you’re going to be using PuTTY a lot, you’ll probably want to customize its appearance to what you like best. PuTTY has a number of settings that allow you to do this
Once you have PuTTY open, load a session from the menu
Then, go to Appearance
The first settings here allow you to adjust the cursor’s appearance
The default is Block, but you can change it to one of the other two, if you want. We’ll pick Vertical line
Click this checkbox to make the cursor blink
Now, for the Font settings
Click Change…
Select a new font from the list. Only monospaced fonts will show up; these are fonts whose characters are all the same width
Change its style, or just leave it set to Regular
Adjust the size to something a bit bigger
Then, click OK
Notice… the font name and size listed here has changed
Mark this checkbox to hide the mouse pointer when typing
Last on this page, you can adjust the appearance of the window border. Use this value to control the size of the Gap between text and window edge
To display a sunken edge border, click this checkbox
Now, go to Colours
Let’s change the background and foreground colors
Hit Modify
Choose a Basic color, or pick a custom color using the tool at right. Let’s use white
Click OK
Now, for the Foreground color
We’ll pick Black for this
Feel free to change any other colors you want
Now, return to the Session page
Save our changes to the session
Then, press Open
You should notice that this looks quite a bit different than it does with the default settings
That cursor color is a little bright on a white background. You can change it with the Colours settings, where we just were
Log in
Test out a command
That’s it! You now know how to change PuTTY’s appearance