Account Migrations

About Account Migrations

HostXNow can migrate all of your cPanel accounts free of charge from your previous host to HostXNow. This includes all your cPanel settings such as FTP accounts, mail accounts, databases, subdomains and other cPanel settings.

How The Migrations Department Works

Our migrations department works on a queue based system and is open 247. Migrations can be scheduled but you need to discuss this with us prior to signing up with us so we can check whether we are able to migrate your data at the time that is convenient for you.

We recommend you leave plenty of time before your old host cuts you off to ensure all the files are migrated successfully and any troubleshooting can be performed.

We will update you when we begin the migration and then again when it is complete. If there are any problems requiring action from your part, we will let you know

To Request Migration

Open a ticket with the migrations department. Please provide all details we ask for. Missing/incomplete information can and usually does delay your migration.

If you have a migration strategy outlined for you, please include the steps for us to take in the migration ticket. The engineer performing your migration may not have access to it.

Rush Service (Reseller Hosting Only)

If you are in a rush, then we require some intervention on your part to speed things up. A rush migration means we can begin restoring files within 60minutes of the ticket being opened.

To get the rush migration service (no extra charge) follow this process:

  • Generate a remote backup of each account. Use the FTP details of your newly created reseller account at HostXNow as the destination for the remote FTP backups.
  • Once all accounts have been uploaded, open a ticket with technical support requesting the files be restored, providing them with the path to the accounts.
  • We will then go ahead and restore the accounts typically within 60 minutes.
  • After the restore, check the accounts to ensure everything has been restored successfully.

Getting Support

Support Sections


  • Obviously, when you want to buy something from HostXNow and have questions about it.
  • Discussing future ambitions/goals and which of our solutions is right for you.
  • Requesting general advice, suggestions, opinions as well as future planning and growth
  • Misc questions that don’t seem to fit anywhere else


  • Issues with not being able to pay on time
  • Payment issues (over charged, under charged, can’t access payment systems)
  • Discussing payment extensions
  • Tech support will often pass you to this department for verification of claimed services, authorisation for certain things.
  • ToS violations, penalties.

Technical Support

  • Problems directly related to hosting services
  • Hosting aspects not working (site/service down, mysql problems, connection issues, FTP those sort of things)
  • Site restorations

Escalation Tickets with technical support follow a logical workflow process.

Technical support: Considered as level 1 support. Basic issues and initial troubleshooting is handled at this stage.
Level 2: Issues that level 1 staff do not consider to be level 1 will be escalated automagically to level 2. Level 2 then begin a more in depth analysis into the issue.
Level 3: Issues that require detailed investigation, correspondence with 3rd party vendors and requiring deep technical analysis are escalated to level 3.

More than 95% of issues are resolved before they reach level 3.


  • What you believe we haven’t done right
  • What you believe we have done right
  • Ideas and suggestions


  • Strictly for managed migrations
  • No tech support requests, sales requests, billing requests.

Support Opening Times


  • Days: Open everyday – 7 days a week including all public holidays
  • Times: 24hrs
  • Target Response Time: 12 hours (usually within 3 hours)


  • Days: Open everyday – 7 days a week including all public holidays
  • Times: 24hrs
  • Target Response Time: 12 hours (usually within 3 hours)

Technical Support

  • Days: Open everyday – 7 days a week including all public holidays
  • Times: 24hrs
  • Target Response Time: 30 minutes
  • Level 2 Target Response Time: 90 minutes
  • Level 3 Target Response Time: 360 minutes


  • Days: Open everyday – 7 days a week including all public holidays
  • Times: 24hrs
  • Target Response Time: 12 hours (usually within 3 hours)


  • Days: Open everyday – 7 days a week including all public holidays
  • Times: 24hrs
  • Target Response Time: 12 hours (usually within 3 hours)


  • Days: Open everyday – 7 days a week including all public holidays
  • Times: 24hrs
  • Target Response Time: 12 hours (usually within 3 hours)

Best Practice For Submitting a Ticket

When submitting a ticket, please follow the below best practice policy:

  • Keep each ticket limited to 1 issue/request. If you include more than 1 issue for each ticket, we may only attend to the first request.
  • Provide detailed replication instructions. The best way for us to troubleshoot is for us to be able to experience the same issue first hand
  • Include any log files you have access and any supplementary information that you feel is relevant.
  • Keep the information relevant. Do not include background information if you do not believe it will help with the issue.
  • Be courteous and patient. Some issues may take longer than others. Please be patient and courteous to the engineer handling your ticket.

Submitting an Emergency Ticket

All tickets are handled with the same priority. Prefixing your ticket subject with “URGENT” will not mean it will be handled with any urgency. All tickets by default are set to “Medium” priority and work on a queue based system with the ticket unanswered the longest receiving priority. Responding to the ticket will reset the due time and hence push it to the back of the ticket queue – it is advised you don’t bump tickets as it will simply push it to the back of the queue

All our systems are properly monitored and often more than 1 staff member will read your initial ticket. If we believe there is an urgency, we will give priority to the ticket regardless.

Because technical support tickets are answered typically within 30 minutes, any issue regardless if it is urgent or not is handled promptly.

If you believe your issue is urgent, then please pop on Live Chat letting us know the urgency for immediate assistance.

Support Methods

HostXNow has made it easy for the customer to contact us. You can contact us by live chat, email and ticket (email). We always recommend submitting a ticket before initiating any other contact method.

Legal Document Templates

About the Legal Document Templates

The legal document templates are a set of draft documents consisting of:

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy

And provided in the format .doc or .docx.

You can then modify these documents to match your business requirements.

These documents do not reflect the HostXNow policies, this is because of the wide range of services we provide, different conditions are applicable to different services. You must modify these documents to appropriately reflect your terms and conditions and the terms and condition you have agreed to when joining HostXNow.

The document includes certain keywords which allow you to mass find & replace. As such, with a few clicks you can have the entire document referencing your URLs and company name.

HostXNow provides these documents as templates only in a draft state. We strongly recommend you seek legal advice for these documents to ensure you are within the law and the documents cover all the areas & aspects of your business you want it to cover

To Acquire the Documents

These documents are available for download from within the downloads area of your reseller product in the client area ( – requires that you login).

Quality Assurance & Feedback

HostXNow primarily serves the needs of other businesses. In fact, 98% of our customers are other businesses. As such, quality of service is of paramount importance to us as it is to you.

To ensure we maintain a high quality of service, we have processes in place which continuously evaluate the quality of the service we provide. Some of the things we perform are:

  • Automatic Quality Assurance intervention for tickets with a lot of responses
  • Pro-active follow ups with customers expressing concern
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance managers
  • Escalation procedures
  • Ticket feedback forms

In addition, we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction rate with our customers. In order for us to achieve that, we rely on customers reporting things we do good, and not so good. If you liked the way something was done, then let us know so we can keep on doing it. If something wasn’t done to your satisfaction then let us know how you would have liked it to be done or handled.

The feedback we receive is acted upon swiftly. We will ensure you actually see the situation improve and meet your expectations.

Providing Feedback

You can submit your feedback to the Feedback/Complaints department at (must be logged in). Your feedback will be carefully evaluated, a plan of action devised and provided to you. We will lay out step by step what we are going to do if something needs improving. Furthermore, we will continue to work with you after you are satisfied to ensure that level of satisfaction remains constant and consistent.

Whenever you are unhappy with any aspect, it is best advised to contact us first through the feedback department expressing your concern. Concerns raised through any other means will significantly impact our ability to follow up with you and discuss the concern.