SSL Certificates Free

Free SSL Certificates by Let’s Encrypt

If you are using the latest version of Google Chrome 68, then you may have noticed that it now marks all non-HTTPS websites as “Not Secure”. The reason Google has made this major change is that they want everyone to start using secure, encrypted connections in order to help prevent attacks from stealing your important information

How to know if a connection is secure or not?

If the connection is secure then you should see a green padlock icon at the top of your web browser next to the domain/URL that you are currently browsing.

When should the connection be secure?

If you enter, provide or receive any sensitive information such as financial or information on employees and patients then your website should be secured with an SSL as this helps prevent someone eavesdropping on the data that’s being transmitted between a visitors’ device and the server where the website is hosted. By having SSL installed and the website configured to make use of SSL it will help protect information entered on a page like passwords, debit card and credit card information too. For this reason, paying for SSL has always been well worth it.

Can I use a free SSL?

Yes! they do the same job as a paid SSL. We included unlimited SSLs to all our customers and on any service for free as we make use of the Let’s Encrypt/cPanel integration. A lot of providers still try to charge for SSL to those who are not aware they can get an SSL for free. It is only a matter of time before everyone starts using free SSLs, SSLs which again do the same job as paid SSLs.

Is using HTTP slower than HTTPS?

No, not when using HostXNow as we use an advanced web server caused LiteSpeed which has support for HTTP/2 which is faster than normal HTTP.


The move to HTTPS will make the web much faster and at the same time improve privacy and security. Public Wi-Fi hotspots safer too.

We include Unlimited Free SSL Certificates (Let’s Encrypt) on all our hosting services including Cloud Web Hosting and Cloud Reseller Hosting, along with our Cloud VPS Hosting.