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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting

Web hosting allows you to publish your website. You will need a web hosting service to host your website so that people can view it online. A web hosting service is usually the very first type of service to be used by someone new to hosting websites.

You do not need any technical knowledge to use web hosting thanks to us making our web hosing services accessible for everyone. We include the popular cPanel Web Hosting control panel which makes it easy to manage your domains and web hosting in one place.  All support is included in the monthly or yearly cost of the web hosting plan that you signup to.

It is that simple a total beginner can have a website up and running within 10 - 20 minutes. We have plenty of online tutorials and guides to help you get started; you may even contact technical support, and while you are paying us for the hosting service i.e we are not your web designer, we will try to help you as best as we can at no addtional cost. But we do provide all the tools to you for free so you are able to create any kind of website that you like; you are only limited by your imganation.

cPanel hosting is just Web hosting but powered by the popular web hosting control panel called cPanel.

There are other control panels which some hosting providers use but they are not as popular which makes it difficult to migrate your websites to other hosting providers if needed e.g your hosting provider has poor performance or poor website uptime. By using a web hosting service powered by cPanel ensures you can move to a different provider much more easily if needed thus gives you more freedom.

cPanel is tried and tested and has the most commonly used features in the web hosting industry, and that is why cPanel is our preferred choice when it comes to a web hosting control panel. We do not use free control panels like other providers do. cPanel is a commercial product and we believe it is worth every penny. We know you will love cPanel!

There are different types of "WordPress Hosting" that some providers now offer. In short, it just means you are set up on a WordPress CMS right away without you having to install WordPress software the manual way e.g uploading the files to an FTP account and setting up MySQL databases manually, etc.

Some marketing terms that are now used are "WordPress Optimised" Hosting and "Managed WordPress" Hosting. The former is what HostXNow offer and it just means the server is configured/optimised to run WordPress at its best, which is all you need really.

The latter usually claims the provider will 100% manage your WordPress CMS for you e.g make sure all plugins/themes etc are up to date, but be careful there because a lot of providers will do that on "WordPress Optimised" plans too. Web hosting providers do not usually help customers update content on pages for WordPress CMS regardless of whether the customer signed up for a hosting plan called "Managed WordPress" or not.

Updates for content are supposed to be done by the website owner/designer/developer. A provider offering "Managed WordPress" usually market it that way just to get you to signup and once signed up with them may ask you to pay large fees to them just so you can get the content updated on your site. It would probably work out cheaper to just pay a web designer/developer if you do not have the time or are just not confident enough to carry out such work yourself.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

Cloud hosting is different to traditional hosting where data is hosted on a single server like with a VPS or Dedicated Server. With HostXNow Cloud Hosting (which is what our WordPress Hosting, Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting plans are powered by), our data is replicated on three physical machines in the datacentre. This way there is less chance of your data being lost due to hardware failure.

HostXNow will not over allocate resources; RAM and CPU are guaranteed as they are with a dedicated machine. Our Local SSD disks (used for OS and MySQL) and NVMe storage (used to serve static/dynamic content) guarantee the highest I/O.

We can also have resources of up to 32 x 3.1 GHz CPU, 120GB RAM and a massive 10TB SSD NVMe storage per server/location. We can offer this due to using the largest network based in Europe (OVH) who also have DCs in the United Kingdom, America and Asia/Pacific such as UK, Germany, France, Canada, Austrlia and Singapore with more locations coming soon like Netherland, Spain, Italy and Poland. 

The network we use also has a massive 640Gbps DDoS protection which protects all of our servers, and we do not charge our customers for DDoS protection. The highest amount of DDoS protection is included with every hosting plan at no extra cost to the customer.

While we could write a massive technical explanation about what SSD or the newer NVMe is, we will go for the short and sweet approach here. In short, over the past few decades the drives used in computers have been SATA and more recently SAS (slightly faster than SATA), but for the past several years the latest and greatest drives are SSD which have come down a lot in price over the past few years which is the reason why now a lot more providers are starting to use SSD.

There are no moving parts in SSD which mean less chance of data loss, but more importantly, because there are no moving parts - the read/write speeds are hundreds of times better. Because of the increased read/write speeds this makes things run faster e.g MySQL queries and allows things like cronjobs e.g for WordPress to finish faster.

But of course, a provider using SSD alone does not guarantee customers will benefit much if the providers limit the read/write speeds which the provider usually does for Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting by using CloudLinux LVE to limit the disk Input/Output. The default CloudLinux limits are usually set to 1MB/s and while that was quite good 3 years ago, these days a lot more is needed, and that is why we offer the highest disk Input/Output around at 30MB/s thus that is 30x (thirty times) faster compared to our competitors. Not only that, but we use the even newer faster storage NVMe. Like traditional SSDs, NVMe are based on Flash memory. However, PCIe based SSDs are able to avoid the SATA interface, which has itself become a bottleneck. Unlike SATA SSDs, PCIe technology allows NVMe SSDs to work up to 6 times faster resulting in better read/write bandwidth.

Enjoy the speeds from our ultra fast Local SSD/NVMe to load your websites blazing fast! Your customers will notice the decreased page load time when they load pages from your website hosted on our hosting structure.

Backup Hosting can be used to backup all sorts of data whether that be to make a backup of all your important data on your PC using a service like OneDrive or GoogleDrive which are Cloud-based. However, there are limits to using services like those - they are not good to backup large amounts of data due to the file restrictions they have e.g cannot upload a file which is larger than 3GB in filesize i.e you could not upload backups of servers or large websites.

HostXNow is different because we have the tools and setup to allow you to upload anything you like and you are only limited by the diskspace of the plan that you signed up to. If you wanted to backup 100GB or even 3TB of data, then you could. You pay for the space and we believe you should be able to use it however you like and not be restricted in any way.

Please note: you do not need to signup for this service when using any of our WordPress Hosting, Web Hosting or Reseller Hosting services as all data on those services are backed up by the same Backup Hosting service which we even offer to those who host their data at different hosting providers. However, even though we backup our WordPress, Web, Reseller customers, we still recommend our customers to make their own backups every so often, for extra peace of mind. No person or business should rely 100% on one provider for backups. There simply is no way a provider can guarantee 100% to keep a copy of your backups. They can only try their best to keep backups incase your main data is lost. For example, we have hosting providers who have their own backup systems but also backup their data to our Backup Hosting service so they have secondary backups.

If you would like to backup your data including websites/servers and would like to use a service for primary or secondary backups then we are an excellent choice! We include lots of blazing fast storage for very affordable pricing. And yes, you read right; we use the newer and much faster SSD, not the old SATA/SAS type storage. The OS is hosted on Local SSD and data is stored on blazing fast storage to enable you to backup/restore your data as fast as possible.

Again, if you have WordPress Hosting, Web Hosting or Reseller Hosting with us then using our Backup Hosting is not necessary. You may use our Backup Hosting if you have a VPS or Dedicated Server, because by default, only a weekly image is created of all VPSs which can only be used for disaster recovery (we can only restore complete VPS image, not individual files), and Dedicated Servers are not backed up using our Backup Hosting service, rather each of our Dedicated Servers include 500GB storage, which backup storage is hosted on a different setup and which needs to be configured by the customer (or we may configure this for them on request).  Of course, we can create custom backups on for your VPS or Dedicated Server too.

If you have further questions regarding any of this, please contact us.

The chances of being targeted by a DDoS attack are great and attempts are numerous.

A DDoS attack aims to render a server, service or an infrastructure unavailable by overloading the server's bandwidth or monopolizing its resources to the point of depletion.

During a DDoS attack, a multitude of requests are sent simultaneously from multiple points across the internet. The intensity of this "crossfire" renders the service unstable, or even worse, unavailable.

What we offer to protect your services

To protect your servers and services from attacks, we make use of the OVH network which offers a mitigation solution based on VAC technology - an exclusive combination of techniques to:

Analyzing all packets at high speed in real time
Vacuum your server's incoming traffic
Mitigate i.e. singling out all the illegitimate IP packets, while allowing legitimate ones to pass through

This covers all types of attacks from L3 - L7.

"It's not a question of knowing if you need anti-DDoS protection but rather when you will first be the victim of an attack. OVH is committed to protecting your project 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size." - Octave Klaba, OVH CTO

This is one of the reasons why we use the power of the OVH network to host our own infrastructure.

We offer far more server resources compared to other providers so that your websites will have much more stability and better performance when hosting your websites with us! No need for us to put a fancy name on our plans such as "Premium", "Enterprise", "Semi-Dedicated" or "Turbo", etc just so we can charge you more like other providers do, when you can have the same resources (if not more) using our Web Hosting (also known as Shared Hosting) plans.

It does not matter what fancy name a provider gives a plan; it mostly comes down to the CloudLinux settings a provider use and the amount of resources the provider allows you to use. We offer more server resources at more affordable pricing. We offer 2 GB RAM, 2 FULL CPUs and a massive 30 MBPS IO (majority of providers only offer 1-2 MBPS IO). Try us, and you will not be disappointed! Should you not be happy with our service, we will provide you with a full refund.

HostXNow allow much higher resources to be used, as can be seen below. You can confirm this by checking in cPanel - Metrics - CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage

SPEED = 200%
PMEM = 2048MB
IO = 30000KB/s (30MB/s)
Inodes = 500k
MySQL connections: 30

If you have a peak in high traffic we can tempoarily allow you more resources until you are able to upgrade to a plan with higher resources that is best suited for your website.

If you would like more information about anything, please contact us.

We use the largest network based in Europe (OVH) who also have DCs in the United Kingdom, America, Asia/Pacific such as UK, Germany, France, Poland, Canada, Austrlia and Singapore, and with more locations coming soon like Netherland, Spain and Italy you know we can host you closer to you or your website's visitors ensuring you get the fastest response times possible no mater what kind of project or website you are hosting.

We now offer servers in various cities around the world for our Hosting plans! Our current available locations:

• Maidenhead, UK (RapidSwitch) [VPS]
• London, UK (OVH) [WordPress/Web/Reseller]
• Strasbourg, France (OVH) [WordPress/Web/Reseller]
• Montreal, Canada (OVH) [WordPress/Web/Reseller]
• Falkenstein, Germany (Hetzner) [Backup]

Location can be selected during checkout.

More server locations coming soon (Check our About Us page for more details).

We backup all cPanel accounts of our WordPress Hosting, Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting services daily and weekly. These are also backed up regualry using snapshots.

You may use our Backup Hosting if you have a VPS or Dedicated Server, because by default, only a Weekly image is created of all VPSs which can only be used for disaster recovery (we can only restore complete VPS images, not individual files), and Dedicated Servers are not backed up using our Backup Hosting service, rather each of our Dedicated Servers include 500GB storage, which backup storage is hosted on a different setup and which needs to be configured by the customer (or we may configure this for them on request). Of course, we can create custom backups for your VPS or Dedicated Server too.

If you have further questions regarding any of this, please contact us.

Yes! We can migrate all of your cPanel web hosting accounts free of charge from your previous web hosting provider to HostXNow. The migration would include all your cPanel settings such as FTP accounts, mail accounts & settings, databases, subdomains and other cPanel configurations, basically everything! So if you are experiencing poor service with your current web host; rest assured knowing that you can quickly move to us at any time. No longer do you have to put up with your current poor performing web host as we have you covered!

Please note: for non cPanel to cPanel transfers the work is chargeable at £20/hour! However, cPanel to cPanel transfers are 100% free, and we can transfer as many accounts as you like. We do not limit you to e.g 10 or 30 transfers like most other providers do.

If you would like more information about this, please contact us.

We include many add-ons with our cPanel control panel for FREE, the most notable one being an Auto Installer called Softaculous. Softaculous includes a massive bundle of scripts which automate the installation (and update of) modern web applications. We include all of the most popular software's, such as WordPress, SMF, Dolphin, MyBB, Drupal, Joomla!, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Oxwall, Geeklog, PHP-Fusion, Moodle, ClipBucket, WHMCS, and Magento, to name a few. We also include SitePad (also from the makers of Softaculous) which is an easy to use drag & drop Website Builder.

But that is not not all; our servers run on CentOS 6/7 along with CloudLinux to allow your websites and projects to run as fast as possible in the most secure environment. Application-based support includes LiteSpeed with LSCache/LiteMage), PHP version Selector (5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2), MariaDB (MySQL) , PostgreSQL, Perl, and BIND (DNS). Email based support includes POP3, IMAP, and SMTP services. We also include unlimited FREE SSLs for all your domains thanks to our integration with Let's Encrypt.

In short, whether you want to host multiple websites with our Web Hosting plans, host multiple cPanel accounts (separate cPanel accounts) under a Reseller Hosting plan, or if you want to host multiple Reseller accounts on our VPS Hosting packages, you can do all this with ease on any of our platforms powered by cPanel/WHM Web Hosting control panel.

Interested? If you have any questions or would like to provide us with some feedback, please, Contact Us.

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