How to configure your site in Drupal

How to configure your site in Drupal
This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged in to Drupal
Now let’s learn how to configure our site
Click the Administer link
Then click Site configuration
Click the Administration theme link
This is the Site Configuration page where we can modify many aspects of our Drupal site
Click here to show the theme dropdown menu and seletct a new theme
This is the theme page where we can change the look of our Drupal Administration area
Click Save configuration
Let’s change back to the default theme
As you can see, our theme has changed to the bluemarine theme
That’s it! Our theme has been changed back to the default
Next, click the Clean URLs link
Click the Date and time link
If this option is enabled, the URL’s created by Drupal will be “clean” which will make them more efficient for search engine indexing. To enable Clean URLs, click here
Click the Error reporting link
This is the Date and Time area, where we can configure how the dates and times are displayed
On this page we can customize the error report pages
Click the Site information link
This is the Site Information page where we can set a name and slogan for our Drupal site
Enter a Name for the site here
Then enter your Email address
You can optionally enter a Slogan here
When finished, click Save configuration
That’s it! Our information has been changed and you can see our new site name here
This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to configure your site in Drupal