WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit For cPanel Delivers Even More Greatness!

Imagine being able to stage, clone, sync, update, copy, migrate, and more–each with a single click; Micro-management of your WordPress installs are a thing of the past.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is now available on all HostXNow servers with cPanel/WHM, including our Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server ranges, at no additional cost. WordPress Toolkit tool dramatically makes managing WordPress sites so easy that even users with no technical experience can do complex tasks directly from their cPanel account. Let’s see what WordPress Toolkit is, how it can help your business and the differences between the Lite and Deluxe versions.

What is WordPress Toolkit (WP Toolkit for short)?

WordPress Toolkit is a feature-rich management interface for cPanel/WHM that allows anyone to install, configure, and manage CMS-based websites with the most popular content management platform, WordPress. cPanel included WordPress Manager, a simple tool that made installation easy but did not have advanced features.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, with Cloning and Smart Updates tools, is now included as part of cPanel.

WordPress Toolkit, which Plesk developed initially, has superseded the old tool starting with WHM & cPanel version 92. WordPress Toolkit offers many advanced management options in two versions: WordPress Toolkit Lite (Free) and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe (Paid).

WordPress Toolkit Lite vs WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

WordPress Toolkit Lite allows several advanced tools not seen in the old WordPress Manager.

It allows, for example, the customisation of new installations, a single interface for the administration of all WordPress sites, the option to log in to the many other valuable features.

On top of that, WP Toolkit Deluxe gives essential additional tools that are particularly useful for developers or administrators who manage many sites.

Feature comparison

WordPress Toolkit is available in a standard version and a Deluxe version. The following table shows the differences between the WordPress Toolkit and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe version features:

FeatureWordPress ToolkitWordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Customizable Installation✔️✔️
Manage Existing Installations✔️✔️
Website Dashboard✔️✔️
Change Admin Password✔️✔️
Change DB Password✔️✔️
Restore Backups✔️✔️
Manual Updates✔️✔️
1-Click Login✔️✔️
Open DB in phpMyAdmin✔️✔️
Single Site Auto Updates✔️✔️
Search Engine Indexing Management✔️✔️
Automatic Hardening✔️✔️
Password Protection✔️✔️
Maintenance Mode✔️✔️
Debug Management✔️✔️
Plugin & Theme Sets Management✔️
1-Click Hardening✔️
Mass Hardening✔️
Mass Updates✔️
Security Rollback✔️
Smart Updates✔️

The evolution of WordPress management has arrived.

WordPress Toolkit includes everything you need to take control of your WordPress websites. There is no limit to the number of WordPress websites you can manage with WordPress Toolkit.

The Most Complete, Secure, and Versatile Toolkit for WordPress

WordPress Toolkit is ideal for anyone with multiple WordPress websites, from customisable installations to intuitive management of backup, theme, plugin, and passwords.

Installing WordPress from cPanel Has Never Been More Powerful.

Create predefined theme and plugin sets that can be used to auto-configure brand new WordPress installations with one click. This cPanel WordPress manager is a true time-saver.

Maintenance, Backup Tools, and Debugging, at Your Fingertips

Put your site into maintenance mode, and display a custom message to your visitors while you do various tasks like backups, restores, or debugging; it’s all included!

WordPress Toolkit

  • Single management interface that enables you to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites easily, including:
  • Admin and database password management
  • Search engine indexing management
  • Single sign-on functionality
  • Automatic security hardening
  • Plugin and theme set management
  • Staging and cloning functionality
  • Mass automatic and smart updates
WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Now Free With HostXNow cPanel/WHM Servers 1

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Features

Here are some of the most essential features that are available for free in WordPress Toolkit on all HostXNow servers with WHM/cPanel which includes our Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers ranges, at no additional cost.

Advanced Management

Install plugins or themes, even directly from WordPress.org; activate, deactivate, manage, or delete them per website or in bulk across some or all of your sites.

Features Testing

Clone any existing site to a completely safe staging area on its own database to experiment, then sync back to your live website when you’re ready.

Additional Security

Scan and harden all of your websites against security risks using updates based on recommendations from WordPress community experts.

Smart Updates

Automatically test updates for themes, plugins, languages, and WordPress itself in a completely safe environment at no risk to your live website.

These are just some of the new features that are now available for free in WordPress Toolkit Deluxe on all our servers with cPanel/WHM here at HostXNow. Enjoy finding the other features available in WordPress Toolkit, but should you have any questions please let us know and one of our system administrators will be glad to help you.