We have launched our new Shared Web Hosting Services on UK & USA infrastructure:

If you’ve been around long enough, you’d know that for most customers, Shared Hosting serves merely as a stepping stone before they can afford ‘real’ hosting. 

Meanwhile, customers and sales suffer as does reputation, because sites are slow to load, and frequently go offline without warning (because of overcrowded servers, among other things).

We hope you’ll leave with a better perspective once you try any of our Shared Hosting plans. 

Actually, you’ll stay!

This Is What We Offer:

  • Limited customers per server for guaranteed Speed, Uptime, and Support comparable to our premium Semi-Dedicated plans
  • No compromise on website security
  • Transparent pricing with no routine (but unannounced) price increase every renewal
  • From 15 to a whopping 35 percent discount on all plans 
  • £1 trial for the first 30 days (with money back guarantee)
  • The option to keep paying on a monthly basis if you want more time before committing.


You bet. But there’s no catch.

Like our Shared Web Hosting, the Shared service is also hosted in UK & USA and uses the AMD 9 5900X server. This new service includes more resources like CPU/memory and storage since hardware and network costs are a bit less here than what they used to be with our previous partners. 

We decided to pass on the savings to our customers, and remove, once and for all,  the stigma of slow and frequently down websites associated with conventional Shared Hosting

If That Sounds Good…

Give us a try at just £1 for 30 days. No obligation to renew. And our usual 30-day money back guarantee applies on even that £1 !

That’s all for now. We’d love to hear from those of you who choose to give us a try.

Thank you. 

Warm regards,

The HostXNow Team

P.S. Please feel free to forward this mail to anyone you know who might be interested. You have our assurance our Shared Hosting Services will come as a very pleasant surprise for them 🙂