We have launched a new service on German infrastructure:

Advanced Web Hosting – High Resources, Large Storage (hostxnow.com)

If you have a site that is really resource intensive, needs a lot of storage, and has to handle major traffic spikes on a regular basis, this is what you need. This has all that VPS has to offer but without its usual hassles.

What’s New?

Semi Dedicated and Enterprise Reseller services are hosted in the UK and use the Intel Xeon E2388G server on Premium infrastructure at OVH.

Advanced Web Hosting is hosted in Germany and uses the AMD 9 5950X server at Hetzner. This new service includes more resources like CPU/memory and storage since hardware and network costs are a bit less at Hetzner than at OVH.

We did launch a new VPS service some time back, but as there is more overheads/maintenance involved, we decided to offer this new Advanced Web Hosting as a viable VPS alternative.

If That Sounds Good…

Give us a try at just £1 for 30 days. No obligation to renew. And our usual 30-day money back guarantee applies on even that £1 !

That’s all for now. We’d love to hear from those of you who choose to give us a try.