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EIG Hosting – Endurance International Group (EIG)

Things to check before choosing a new Web Hosting Provider

You might be shocked to discover that just a few large corporations like EIG Hosting own the majority of web hosting companies, and when you check in detail, you find they own dozens of the so-called “top” or “best” websites. It’s no surprise then that they’re all mainly affiliate driven due to the large corporations behind them having massive marketing budgets.

Isn’t choosing big brands a good thing?

While you may see their brand name everywhere you go, it doesn’t mean they’re the ones you should be using. It may be right to use the most common brands when it comes to something like “Cars” or “Mobile phones”, but not when it comes to web hosting services. Web hosting is a service and needs continuous support, unlike a product where you buy it once. You are likely to be just a client number out of thousands or even millions when using the much larger web hosting providers.

EIG Hosting alternatives

Alternatively, smaller hosting startups like HostXNow are an excellent choice, where enthusiastic owners are involved in the day to day running of the business. Because they have much more time and resources to offer the best personal support possible, you will notice support responses are quicker and a lot more detailed. Moreover, they genuinely care about the performance of your website, which is very important when it comes to SEO and Sales for your website.

You want faster hosting!

Because HostXNow is a smaller business and us going the quality, not quantity route, it means we can provide the best personal support and have the fastest hosting. Because our servers are very underloaded and we don’t need to fill them up to the point where the servers are grinding to a halt (common at larger providers), this makes our servers much more responsive. The aim of the larger providers is pure profit. Thus, they don’t care as much about the overall service that they provide to their customers. This can be true in any industry. There are exceptions to that, but it generally isn’t the case with web hosting services.

Had a bad experience with an EIG hosting provider?

Are you another unhappy EIG hosting customer? Do you want to know who EIG are and find out how you can move your services away from them to a better web hosting provider? Well, if any of this applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place!

Who is EIG?

Endurance International Group, Inc. (EIG), formerly BizLand, is one of the world’s largest web hosting companies in the Internet hosting services industry. EIG employ over 2,500 plus staff to manage over 60 different hosting brands, offering Web Hosting, Domain Registration, SEO and Email Marketing services to their worldwide users of around 4.2 million. The company founded by Hari Ravichandran in 1997 is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

How does EIG work?

EIG achieved its size by acquiring a large number of smaller web hosting companies, which it continues to operate under the original brand names. EIG’s path to its increased size is similar to the way networking company Verio followed in the 1990s, using free cash flow and access to capital markets in acquiring assets to add to their corporate portfolio. The concept was to roll up small ISPs into one large national ISP and achieve economies of scale. EIG, though U.S. based, is acquiring cPanel web hosting companies domestically and internationally; because of this, EIG now owns and operates numerous web hosting businesses that share support information and support agents.

Most of the EIG brands that we know about

A partial list of these EIG brands include: 2slick.com; AccountSupport; A Small Orange; ApolloHosting; AptHost; Arvixe; Berry Information Systems; BigRock; BizLand; BlueDomino; Bluehost; BlueFur; BuyDomains; Cloud by IX; Constant Contact; Directi; Dollar2Host; Domain.com; DomainHost; Dot5Hosting; Dotster; easyCGI; eHost; Escalate Internet; EntryHost; FastDomain; FatCow; FreeYellow; [email protected]; Homestead; HostCentric; HostClear; HostExcellence; HostGator; HostMonster; HostNine; HostYourSite.com; HyperMart; IdeaHost; IMOutdoors; Intuit Websites; iPage; IPOWER/iPowerWeb; IX Web Hosting; JustCloud; JustHost; LogicBoxes; MojoMarketplace; MyDomain; MyResellerHome; NetFirms; Networks Web Hosting; Nexx; PowWeb; PureHost; ReadyHosting; ResellerClub; SEO Hosting; Site5; Southeast Web; Spry; StartLogic; SuperGreen Hosting; TypePad; USANetHosting; vDeck; Verio; VirtualAvenue; VPSLink; WebHost4Life; WebHosting.info;, Webstrike Solutions; Webzai; Xeran and YourWebHosting, to name a few.

Why does EIG exist?

As you can see, that’s some list, and that’s excluding any EIG hosting brands that we aren’t aware of, and they’re sure many of them are under the radar secretly tricking consumers into signing up with them. They take advantage of customers new to web hosting and do their best to try to lock them into using their services. The majority of brands under EIG make it as difficult as possible for you to leave their service to stop you from moving to a different provider, which, of course, is on purpose, as you may have already experienced, hence the reason you might be reading this!

In short, EIG means your website will be hosted on much slower servers, and you’ll receive unhelpful canned replies from their techs. They’ll also be reduced response/resolution times to all of your emails and support tickets. You can read more about how EIG is run from ex-EIG hosting employees in this post on Reddit.

You may now well be asking “What is the solution to this problem?”

It’s simple; you need to move to a reputable non-EIG hosting business!

But I’m scared it’d be too much work to move my website

Now before you think it’s too much hassle to move your website(s) or project(s) to a different web hosting provider, think again, because all you need to do is provide your control panel login details used for your current web host to your new web host. Then the data will be restored onto a server at the new non-EIG web host. On the new server, your website will have the same information (passwords, emails, domains, and databases).

Non-EIG Hosting Brands

Well, HostXNow doesn’t run multiple brands, so we’ll recommend ourselves here – shameless promotion we know.

In the meantime, you’ll receive an excellent service from the highly recommended non-EIG web host called HostXNow. More details below:

Company: HostXNow
Since: 2009
Description: Managed cPanel web hosting services with 24×7 live chat support from a reliable and secure provider. Host your website on their fast SSD hosting servers.
Website: https://www.hostxnow.com
Reviews: https://www.hostxnow.com/reviews/
Support: TRUE 24×7 via Chat, Email and Helpdesk
Response/Resolution Times: Usually within just 10 minutes!
Uptime Statistics: https://www.hostxnow.com/status/

Hopefully, the information in this article will help ex-EIG consumers find a more reliable cPanel web hosting service. Moreover, at the same time, it also helps the more smaller-medium web hosting providers gain new customers. After all, the majority of small-medium web hosts can more than accommodate ex-EIG customers due to the small-medium providers not having overloaded/oversold servers.

EIG’s web hosting affiliates must be making a lot of commission for them to keep referring poor web hosting services to those they don’t know! If the affiliates stopped referring EIG, then they’d likely crash. However, I doubt that’ll ever happen. As for the web hosts selling to EIG for the ridiculous amounts of money offered to them by EIG, the truth is many would do the same as they’d never need to work again and have that long vacation they always wanted.

EIG will be around for a long time, if not forever. So the only best thing you can do is to use small-medium but reputable providers who offer more personal support and care more about the quality of the services which they offer. Should the small-medium provider get too big for their boots and their services start to become affected by this, then you move to another small-medium web host, and enjoy the quality service while it lasts.

In short, it’s best to use a web hosting provider whose business model is quality over quantity; that way you’ll receive a better hosting service overall.

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