HostXNow is announcing a partnership with MailChannels, an outbound email filtering and delivery solutions provider for internet-based companies. Now that HostXNow utilises the new SMTP relay service, spammers are a thing of the past; and our customers can rest easy knowing that their email will be delivered without fear of bad network neighbours.

By HostXNow leveraging such email technology, we’ve reduced email abuse, protecting all of our customers from the consequences of “bad neighbours”. Integrating with MailChannels has yielded positive results for HostXNow, and our customers are now benefiting from this additional service that we have included at no extra charge to our customers.

What is MailChannels and how to use it?

HostXNow utilises the Outbound Filtering SMTP relay service to identify spammers within our network to improve our email reputation and ensure reliable email delivery for our users.

MailChannels is an SMTP email relay service that filters all outbound mail for spam. Because MC manages the IP addresses from which mail is sent, they prevent blacklisting issues. This ensures that all of our customers’ emails are delivered successfully to the intended recipients at all times regardless of whether other customers on the same server are sending spam or not.

We include this new service on all of our Shared Hosting, Shared Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Cloud Reseller Hosting services.

If you are an existing customer and using 3rd party DNS, please check our guide What is MailChannels outbound spam filtering?