cPanel Price Increase 2022

cPanel Price Increase 2022 – What Does This Mean For You?

As you may be aware, cPanel has already done a few price increases over the past few years but has now made another one that will come into effect on 1st January 2022, and AGAIN for 16th December 2022.

IMPORTANT: these price increases DO NOT affect HostXNow’s existing customers or anyone signing up for new services – our pricing will remain the same.

HostXNow cPanel Price Increase Update 1st January 2022

As we are a cPanel Partner, we are offering the best pricing for new orders, as listed below.


LicenseNo. of accountsPrice / month
cPanel 1 (cPanel Solo Cloud)up to 1£7.00 (Included FREE with HostXNow VPS)
cPanel 5 (cPanel Admin Cloud)up to 5£10.00
cPanel 30 (cPanel Pro Cloud)up to 30£14.00
cPanel 50 (cPanel Plus Cloud)up to 50£25.00
cPanel 100up to 100£30.00
cPanel 200up to 200£40.00
cPanel 300up to 300£55.00
cPanel 400up to 400£70.00
cPanel 500up to 500£85.00
cPanel 600up to 600£100.00
cPanel 700up to 700£115.00
cPanel 800up to 800£130.00
cPanel 900up to 900£145.00
cPanel 1000up to 1000£160.00


LicenseNo. of accountsPrice / month
cPanel 100 (cPanel Metal)up to 100£30.00 (Included FREE with HostXNow Dedicated Server)
cPanel 200 (cPanel Metal)up to 200£40.00
cPanel 300 (cPanel Metal)up to 300£55.00
cPanel 400 (cPanel Metal)up to 400£70.00
cPanel 500 (cPanel Metal)up to 500£85.00
cPanel 600 (cPanel Metal)up to 600£100.00
cPanel 700 (cPanel Metal)up to 700£115.00
cPanel 800 (cPanel Metal)up to 800£130.00
cPanel 900 (cPanel Metal)up to 900£145.00
cPanel 1000 (cPanel Metal)up to 1000£160.00

cPanel just announced another price rise from 16th December 2022

Email from cPanel:

We understand the material impact that these changes have on your business. We are continually researching to determine ways in which we can strengthen our partnership while also helping you grow your business. One of these initiatives is the introduction of an incentive program. To be among the first to know about this program, click here to sign up and stay informed.

Throughout 2022, we successfully launched a more modern interface, as well as NGINX caching, and support for Ubuntu, with additional OS support (including Rocky Linux) is underway. We remain vigilant in our security protocols as we combat and mitigate issues stemming from malicious threats.

Moving into 2023, some of the exciting features on the horizon include Team Manager, which empowers cPanel account owners to safely and securely delegate management of various aspects of account management (site development, database management, email administration, etc.) to other members of their team without sharing login credentials. We are also creating a new product to facilitate horizontal website scaling, with a special focus on WordPress-powered sites. With our upcoming product, your customers’ websites will be able to withstand sudden increases in demand with failover benefits.

We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to become a cPanel certified partner, if you have not done so already. While all partners receive tier discounts, our certified partners enjoy not only an additional discount but also ultra-priority technical support. This enables the greatest value available as a partner. We encourage you to visit today to get started.

For additional information regarding this pricing adjustment, please visit our FAQ and License Guide. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your account manager or reply directly to this email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Your cPanel Team

cPanel Direct Store Pricing

cPanel Solo$15.00
Valid up to December 16, 2022
cPanel Solo$15.99
Valid from December 16, 2022

IMPORTANT: Once again, these price increases DO NOT affect HostXNow’s existing customers or anyone signing up for new services – our pricing will remain the same.

HostXNow includes cPanel for FREE with all of our WordPress Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Semi Dedicated Hosting and Enterprise Reseller Hosting plans.

For HostXNow VPS Hosting & Managed Dedicated Server Pricing, the price remains the same. Please scroll up to the top of the page to view the pricing.

If you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to ask at [email protected]